Years after emerging from its cobbled nest, a salmon returns to that same spot. Hundreds of river miles, thousands in the ocean, 9 dams, out and back, and all the perils in between. Paired now with another, preparing their own nest, a redd, to spawn the next generation. Back, in their home stream.
Homestream Park is dedicated to the rivers and fish of the Methow Valley, and to the native people, past and present, who have called this place home for thousands of years.
Located on 2 acres of riverfront just downstream from the town of Winthrop, WA, the park includes a trail with benches along the river, inspiring sculptures by Smoker Marchand, a tipi, and a public gathering area with shelters, picnic tables, interpretive signs, and a magical kid's lookout topped with wood carved osprey by Bruce Morrison. The land is being restored to its natural riparian and floodplain condition.
Homestream Park held its grand opening on October 13, 2019 with hundreds of people gathering for a "Coming Home" celebration honoring the returning salmon and all people of the Methow.
Videos by
Jamie Petitto

Grand Opening


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Project Partners

Blackcap Builders Collective is a group of employees - artists, builders, and craftspeople - who come together to design and build custom construction projects in the Methow Valley.
Thank you Jim and crew for helping with the concrete pour and design and construction of the 'hitching posts'.
Bluebird Grain Farms is your source for the finest 100% certified organic ancient grains, fresh-milled flour and whole-grain handcrafted blends.
Thank you Sam and Brooke for providing equipment and labor for the floodplain restoration
Bruce Morrison finds the mountains, forest and rivers of the Methow Valley as a frequent source of materials and inspiration for his carving. We are honored that Bruce has created a wood carved osprey family sitting in their nest atop the Park's kid fort.
The Bush School Methow Campus was established in Mazama in 2016 and provides students with immersive experiences that highlight the interdependence between community, environment, and self.
We are grateful for the great work done by 26 8th graders who built a walking trail connecting the large boulders at the Park.
Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group was formed in 2000 to involve local communities, citizen volunteers, and landowners in salmon recovery efforts in Chelan, Douglas, Okanogan, and Ferry Counties.
We thank them for securing Department of Ecology funding for restoration and interpretive signage.
Huge thanks to the Cascade Concrete team for their generous donation of crushed rock for the construction of trails and parking.
We are humbled and grateful for the strong support and encouragement we have received from the Colville Tribe for the creation of a park that honors the whole history of the Methow Valley, anchored by tribal member Smoker Marchand's inspiring sculptures.
Herrera Environmental Consultants' team of civil engineers, scientists, landscape architects, and planners integrate across disciplines to deliver complete client solutions.
We are so grateful for their strong advocacy of our project and their extra effort to help us clear the regulatory hurdles needed for permitting.
From the first meeting, Jamie will approach your business uniquely, drawing ideas and concepts from your services, products and customers. Whether it's a single photograph or an entire ad campaign, she has you covered!
Thank you Jamie for the great video and the donated editing hours.
Johnston Architects provides design and planning services for civic projects, multi-family and mixed use developments, and custom homes.
We thank them for donating their design talents to turn our vision for Homestream Park into visual reality.
We are so grateful for Martha Kongsgaard and Peter Goldman's generous support of the Park through a gift to the Methow Conservancy's Homestream Park fund.
We are delighted that recent Liberty Bell High School grad and Yale bound Lazo Gitchos will reproduce his beautiful river poem engraved in redwood for permanent installation and inspiration at Homestream Park.
Lee Whittaker has been quietly supporting the Methow Valley community for years. No contribution is too small, including jumping on his mini-backhoe to dig some holes for the new shelters at the Park. Thanks Lee!
Little Star School sparks children's curiosity, compassion and sense of community through joyful learning and discovery. Their advocacy and advice on the vision for Homestream Park contributed greatly to the ultimate appeal of the Park with kids and families. Plus the Little Star kids grew and planted a bunch of cottonwood starts!
Methow Arts Alliance enriches the lives of the people living in rural Okanogan County by making the Arts an integral, dynamic aspect of community, economic vitality, public education and civic life.
Thank you for promoting the Park to the broader arts community.
The Methow Conservancy's mission is to inspire people to care for and conserve the land of the Methow Valley.
They have provided all levels of support, from financial, to technical, to operational to inspirational, as we have launched our vision for Homestream Park.
Rob Crandall's passion is rooted in native plants. He sees his company as the 'got to' place when a landscaping project requires native seeds and plantings as the solution.
We so appreciate Rob's donation of consulting and design services in the formulation of our restoration plan.
Methow Recycles inspires and facilitates resource conservation through recycling, waste prevention, and materials reuse in the Methow Valley.
They were invaluable during the cleanup of the property, helping us recycle, reuse, and properly dispose of everything we removed from the site.
Methow Reservations is the valley's local source for lodging at Inns, Hotels, B&B's, vacation rentals, condos, cabins, and more!
We thank them for paying certain permitting fees for the approval of our building, sculpture, and signage plans.
The Methow Salmon Recovery Foundation exists to help the Methow community steward its river ecosystems through scientifically based and locally controlled salmon recovery projects.
MSRF has provided sage advice and insight, and made a direct financial contribution to the project.
Methow Trails mission is to connect people, nature and communities through a world-class trail system.
We thank Methow Trails for their strong support of our vision and their consultation on trail design and construction.
We thank the Methow Valley Fly Fishing Club for their generous donation to pay for interpretive signage at Homesteam Park.
The mission of the Methow Valley Interpretive Center is to create, fund and operate an interpretive center that recognizes the pre-European native inhabitants and portrays the geology and natural history of the Methow Valley.
We are grateful for their partnership along with the Methow Tribe to help Homestream Park organize its grand opening and salmon celebration.
The Miller family and their ancestors have lived in the Methow for thousands of years. We are so grateful for their partnership in the Park's grand opening, a 'coming home' celebration that is eternal.
Theresa Miller has generously donated her landscape services to design and install native gardens around the 2 open shelters. Thank you, Theresa!
Three Rivers Arbor Care is all about forest health and management, and they can take care of all your thinning, pruning, removals, limbing or any other tree climbing needs. Thank you Aaron Boley for your discounted fees to help us turn hazzard trees into snags and habitat.
Nice Nests produces beautiful and functional species specific nest boxes for birds, bats, and native pollinators. We were delighted when Patrick Hannigan reached out to us wanting to donate a collection of boxes to be placed around the property. They are installed and awesome!
With North Cascades Fly Fishing, you will find the perfect balance between serious fishing and serious fun.
Special thanks to owner Kevin Van Bueren and crew for constructing the redd on which Smoker's spawning salmon sculptures sit.
A huge thanks to North Valley Lumber for the generous discounts on building products needed for the build out of Homestream Park.
A big thanks Pat at Norwil Electric who donated his time to install the electrical service at the Park.
The Okanogan County Electric Cooperative's mission is to build and maintain an electric distribution system and distribute electricity to its members within its service territory in the Methow Valley.
We thank the OCEC for the removal of all the metal collected during the cleanup of the property and delivering it to the annual valley-wide metal recycling drive. They also helped us remove the large rooftop sign from our historic barn, and installed an osprey platform on top of a ponderosa snag.
Owen Almquist has admired the iconic willow tree at Homestream Park throughout his life, and jumped on the opportunity to give it a much needed prune. We thank him for his generous discount for his services.
Palm Construction is a family owned and operated business dedicated to preserving the beauty of our valley by doing work that is sensitive to the land and the environment.
We thank Palm for donating a portion of the excavation services for site preparation and parking and trail construction.
At the core of Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects is the pursuit of balance: between natural and built environments, between a client's vision and real world parameters, between beauty and utility.
We so appreciate PBW's enthusiastic donation of their planning and design services to create the public gathering space at the park.
Virgil Smoker Marchand is a member of the Arrow Lakes Band of the Colville Confederated Tribes and a self-taught artist whose practice is based on bronze and steel works.
We are blessed and honored to have worked with Smoker in the creation of our showpiece sculptures of spawning salmon and a tribal fish camp.
We are so grateful for Susan Sprague's outreach to us when she first learned about Homestream Park. With her experience developing interpretive signage, and a keen graphic sense, she will help us educate and inspire through artful signage. Plus she donated her service for our logo!
The Stokes family has been raising cattle in the Methow for 4 generations. Thank you to Vic and Carrie for donating the large boulders that have been placed at the Park.
Tackman Surveying Firm employs the latest technology to provide for all of your survey needs.
We are grateful for their generous donation of services required for the design, permitting, and construction of Homestream Park.
Tall Timber specializes in custom buildings, unique materials, and satisfied customers.
We are grateful for the time donated to build the shelters and provide general construction advice and assistance.
"I am fascinated by the creation of culture, by our unique responses to our ecosystem, and by the outcomes that emerge from how an individual or a society choose to live."
- Tori Karpenko
Thank you Tori for your artistic contribution to the design and construction of the kids' lookout.
Trout Unlimited's mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds.
We thank the local and regional TU team for their generous funding of interpretive signage.
The Upper Columbia United Tribes takes a proactive, collaborative, and science-based approach to promoting fish, water, wildlife, diverse habitat, and Indian culture in the Northwest.
We are grateful for their generous donation for general support of Homestream Park.
Voices of the Methow's Byron Odion has generously donated all the recording (and re-recording) of Homestream Park's Grand Opening and Coming Home Celebration. Thank you Byron for the work you do to capture conversations and stories about the Methow Valley!
The Dept of Ecology serves Washington by protecting, preserving, and enhancing the state's environment for current and future generations.
We are so thankful to receive generous restoration funding from Ecology's Terry Husseman Grant through the Cascade Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group.
WasteWise is committed to the responsible management of the Methow Valley's waste stream.
We appreciate their waiving of certain fees for the waste removal from the site resulting from our spring clean up.
Windy Valley Landscaping provides a full range of high quality landscape design and construction services.
We so appreciate their donation of a temporary irrigation system for the new plantings throughout the park.
The Town of Winthrop: Gateway to the North Cascades.
We appreciate the strong encouragement and support we received from everyone at the Town of Winthrop throughout all phases of the creation of Homestream Park!
Winthrop National Fish Hatchery raises spring Chinook, coho, and steelhead. They generously provided the cobble for the spawning salmon sculpture installation.